About Me

I have been following my own quote “Be the one, who sets limits for others” since my childhood. This rebellion journey against the stereotyped norms of the world started in the small town Cuttack in Odisha, India. The set path, the set rules were also there for me and unfortunately I had to follow them until I started finding me in myself. My interest was always different from rest of the crowd. When friends in my class were fighting for marks, I was busy exploring the real life applications of subject knowledge that I have grasped in class. During my early teenage days, I loved expressing my emotions and feelings through few pieces of writing. In due course of time, when I started knowing myself more, I found that I always thought ahead of my age. I started believing that ‘thinking ahead of time and age’ was unique to me.

When I found that my real passion is in science, I realized that my professional call was to work in different disciplines at the same time. Specifically, the combination of technology at the Nano level coupled with pure sciences like biology, chemistry and computer science now enthrall my imagination.

I now firmly believe that I am born to do something meaningful for the society by developing technology enabled solutions and try to put an end to medical related problems in human beings. At this juncture, I try my level best to help the needy, in all the ways I can in my capacity as a human being.

If you want to know more about me – scan through this portal and let’s connect!

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