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One of those lazy hot summer afternoons as I remember that eventful day, I was barely three then. Everything was in a pause, it was windless, and the heat seemed to cease everybody into the shades to remain cool. Lunch had intoxicated one and all, and the summer heat poured wax of sleep over all … Continue reading The FIR

Catching By the Horns

Flashback of 2003 and I was just two years with full of energy. Every passing by Bulls still makes me remember that day. What? Really!!! Where from the bulls came all of a sudden? Let's Rewind our clocks and zoom-in to 4th April 2003. Some stimulating learning came with that sunrise. After bathing, my mom … Continue reading Catching By the Horns

City of Car Festival – “Puri”

Puri, famously also known as Jagannath Puri or Abode of Lord Jagannath, is approximately 60 kms from Bhubaneswar, the state Capital. Born and brought up in Cuttack which is barely 70 kms from the Land of Lord Jagannath (who is also referred to as the Lord of the Universe), Puri has forever been extremely close … Continue reading City of Car Festival – “Puri”

God’s own Country – “Kerala”

Named one of the “Ten Paradises of the world” or “50 places of a lifetime”, Kerala is often also referred to as “God’s own country”. Surrounded by Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, it’s a narrow strip of coastal territory which slopes down from the Western Ghats! Famous for its lush green lands, backwaters, beaches, mountains, spices, … Continue reading God’s own Country – “Kerala”

Land of Beauty – “Jammu & Kashmir”

The northernmost Staes of India, J&K, is located majorly in the Himalayan mountains and shares borders with Pakistan, China and the Indian states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Previously part of a Princely state, the area has continued to be part of a territorial conflict between India, China, and Pakistan.  Today, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan … Continue reading Land of Beauty – “Jammu & Kashmir”

Land of Lord Krishna – “Mathura – Vrindavan”

One of the oldest and holiest places in the country, located in the western part of Uttar Pradesh, Mathura with its never-ending lanes brims with folks, rickshaws and small and large shops, each of which have a tale to tell! The entire city is decorated with paintings, inscriptions and temples dedicated to Lord Krishna who … Continue reading Land of Lord Krishna – “Mathura – Vrindavan”

Is Smoking important to maintain Equality?

Why do people believe that if a boy smokes or drinks then he is mature but when done by a girl, it implies that she is wayward? Before I say anything else, let me emphasise - Smoking or Drinking are injurious! Done either by a girl or a boy, it continues to harm both their … Continue reading Is Smoking important to maintain Equality?

Land of Research – “IIT Roorkee”

Picture this : The year is 1845. A small town in the Haridwar district of then, Uttar Pradesh was undergoing too many construction jobs. Dams, Bridges, Roads, you name it. The British, who then ruled India, realised that bringing engineers from overseas was turning into an expensive and mind-boggling task and then someone came up … Continue reading Land of Research – “IIT Roorkee”