Scientific Publications

Total Number of Publication = 13

Research and Review Articles:

Mohapatra, S., Gupta, S., Machine Learning Prediction of Graphene Conductivity for Different Topology – Journal For Current Science, IAS (under review)

Mohapatra, S., Nayak, JK., Machine Learning Approach For Comparative Analysis of Road Accidents in India and World: Road Towards Potential Applications – World Conference on Transport Research (Accepted)

Mohapatra, S., Bhatt A., Parallel Education in India: The Necessary Evil? – Research Journal of Educational Sciences (Accepted).

Mohapatra, S., Babel, S.,A Critical Review on Machine Learning Algorithms and their Applications in Pure Sciences – Research Journal of Recent Sciences [Click for the Paper]

Mohapatra, S., Singh, K., Critical Review on Structure and Uses of Biosurfactants in the 21st Century –  International Research Journal of Biological Sciences (Accepted)

Mohapatra, S., et al., Machine Learning Approach for Predicting the New Drugs for the Treatment of Chagas Disease – Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (Under Review)

Mohapatra, S., Tailor, N., Satapathi, S.,  Machine Learning Approach to Predict the Efficiencies of Photovoltaics Cell – Chemistry of Materials (Under Review)

Mohapatra, S., Tailor, N., Satapathi, S., Prediction of Photo-physical Properties of Silver Nanoclusters using Machine Learning  – Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction (Under Review)

Mohapatra, S., Nayak, JK., Comparative Study of Rate of use of Public Transportation and Private Transportation in India from 2007-2017 and few suggested measures for Increment of use of Public Transport – (As a Project, Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee)

Mohapatra, S., et al.,  Domestic Water Power Plant for Multiple Uses* – 103rd Indian Science Congress, 2016.

*Got featured in Times of India, India Today and more.

Conference Abstracts:

Mohapatra, S., Prediction of Final Year Student’s Reports using Machine Learning – 8th International Science Conference, 2018.

Mohapatra, S., et al.,  Investigation of Charge Generation and Charge Carrier Mobility in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cell by GPVDM Simulation – 3rd International Conference of Soft Materials, 2018.

Mohapatra, S.,  Renewable Train –  5th International Virtual Conference,2018.

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