Social Initiatives

48382109_1940755052898394_2637741730908078080_nOur Voix” vision is to offer FREE preventive programs for classes between (I-VI). We believe knowledge is power! The course is designed after immense research on various case studies and journals by renowned researchers, psychologists, lawyers, principals, teachers, and parents. The knowledge is imparted to children in culturally appropriate, age specific, child-friendly manner with due respect to our values. We also provide sensitization to parents on the issue and ways to start the talk with their children without being uncomfortable. To know more visit


Beyond Conventions” – as the words indicate, signify a departure from the pre-decided norms. It aims to provide the audience with life experiences that will definitely change their way of thinking. Every participant will receive a pen drive containing specific modules which will enlighten their brains and provide inputs on what else needs to be done to improve their profiles and make them more ‘world ready’ – be it the case of college admissions or job market ! It is not that difficult to live life ‘Beyond Conventions’!


In this busy life with ticking of every seconds, no one has a moment for anyone. Opportunities never knock at our door steps, we have to find them and achieve it. We with our team has started this mission for helping the people at the time of mishaps on roads. In this application, we can send a quick responses to the hospitals for a help. Lets join our hands together to help the people at the time of their mishaps and eventually one day we will be helped by the one whom we helped.

                                                Change India


This organization aimed to help the under-privileged children in their education. Every weekends, the organization used to have some classes for these students, the base was in Cuttack, Odisha, India. Currently, I have shifted to Rajasthan but still I am able to continue my work in the weekends.



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